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Spanish Equipment and technology for smart cities
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Mobility: includes road safety, signaling, traffic control and management, access control and parking, and infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Environment: includes the collection and treatment of waste, water treatment, analysis, control and treatment of air and noise pollution.

Urban Landscape: contains urban equipment and furniture, lighting, green spaces, playgrounds and equipment management systems.

Evolution of the Spanish exports

(10 main export destinations)


Main competitive advantages of Spanish companies


Latest technology showcase.

Sustainability and efficiency as the basic pillar of its solutions.

Deep knowledge of the needs of the cities of the future.

Customer connection like no one else does.

Tailored solutions for each project.



A high degree of internationalization as well as the capacity to provide tailor-made solutions and a close and personalized treatment, make the Spanish companies the ideal supplier for your needs.

Why should you cooperate with a Spanish company ?


Urban areas are melting pots of new opportunities. It are places where people meet, live, work and enjoy their spare time. It’s an area where a known past will meet up with an unknown future.

People are eager to adopt services and products which make their life, work, spare time more enjoyable, more efficient. They are eager to adopt products and services which make them more resilient to future.


Spanish companies have state-of-the-art technical and technological equipment. An important commitment to R + D + i, makes it possible to work continuously to anticipate with innovative responses, to provide competitive solutions to each customer need and to improve the product.


Good partners create a high added value proposition for the customer, this is the reason why collaborating with highly experienced companies as Spanish are is the key to success. 




Main values of the companies




Our companies are defined by sharing a common philosophy and values, which differ from other sectors. These soft skills that characterize our companies are:


  • Passion for innovation and smart solutions.
  • ­Concern for sustainability and the environment.
  • Our effort to achieve a better society.
  • ­Trust as the basis of the relationship.


In short, our companies are defined as a ‘positive industry’, in other words, an industry capable of contributing to our society and to our environment.




We can highlight world leading companies in practically each of the types of solutions in the sector.

Innovative companies that manufacture state-of-the-art equipment, and that are prepared to give the best response to the most demanding customer.








One team to connect with the best Spanish companies

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