SCEWC Barcelona 2023: The vital gathering for Spanish Solutions for Smart Cities
Nov 15 23

In a record-breaking edition, the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2023 has established itself as an indispensable event for Spanish companies in the urban innovation sector, evolving into the world’s largest and most influential gathering for cities and urban innovation. Each year, leaders from groundbreaking companies, governments, and organizations convene to propel cities towards a brighter future. The mission is clear: to globalize urban innovation and empower cities to confront the pressing challenges of our time collectively.

Building upon the success of the latest edition, SCEWC continues to lead the way as a global platform for urban innovation, attracting international entities and local industry leaders alike. With a commitment to addressing the global challenges of urban living, the congress serves as a reference point beyond Spain’s borders, welcoming international delegations in pursuit of solutions and collaborative projects to tackle urban challenges, including resource management and the transition towards smarter, greener cities.

Let’s recall some figures from this edition:

  • Over 25,300 attendees (80% international)
  • 1,106 exhibitors (58% international)
  • Representation from +140 countries and +800 cities.
  • 273 sessions and 577 speakers.


Importance for Spanish companies in the sector.

Participation in SCEWC Barcelona holds paramount importance for Spanish companies in the urban innovation sector. In an era increasingly focused on sustainability and smart urban solutions, the presence of Spanish companies like BENITO URBAN, BETTAIR CITIES, CAME PARKARE GROUP, ETECNIC, LECTOR VISION, SIMEC, COUTES-SORIGUÉ, UPANDBIKE, and URBIOTICA, among others, at the event reinforces the image of Spain’s industrial sector as a hub of innovation and international collaboration. Leveraging the congress’s networking opportunities, these companies aim to gain maximum visibility for their latest innovations and proposals, contributing to the ongoing evolution of smart and sustainable urban living.


Cities 360°: Spanish Sustainable Mobility and Urban Well-Being Solutions.

Some of the most innovative Spanish solutions for smart cities by amec urbis companies were showcased at this unique event, where the following companies shared knowledge and experiences to promote smart and responsible urban development:


  • LECTOR VISION: Applications of computer vision for smart cities and sustainable mobility by Ángel J Martín Fernández, Director of Business Development.
  • BENITO URBAN: Real solutions for smart urbanism by Andrea Carandell, CEO.
  • URBIOTICA: Solutions for the digitalization of curbside management by Josep M. Torras, CEO.
  • UPANDBIKE IC: Automatic and smart solutions for safe bike parking by Jordi Duran, Sales Developer.
  • EVCHARGE: Promoting sustainable mobility: Integration of charging points in cities with electric car-sharing. Success story of El Prat del Llobregat (Barcelona) by Lorenzo Bella, Head of Business Unit.

More information: https://www.smartcityexpo.com/agenda/cities-360-spanish-sustainable-mobility-and-urban-well-being-solutions/






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