International Digital Promotion: An Essential Boost for Sustainable Solutions Manufacturers for Smart Cities
Jul 10 23

«After its launch in 2021, Spanish Solutions for smart cities International Promotion platform has become an essential tool for the expansion and development of internationalized companies in this sector. Through this platform, we have managed to drive amec urbis companies globally, promoting them on the most relevant trade shows and events in the fields of mobility, environment, and urban landscape. To this end, we have based on the pillars of amec Positive Industry’s value proposition as key factors in this boost,» states Albert Mira, representative of amec urbis, who also emphasizes how each of these pillars reinforces the sector’s digital dissemination:


International markets: a borderless commitment.

International digital promotion brings us limitless opportunities to showcase amec urbis companies in international markets. Through Spanish Solutions for smart cities, our companies are able to present their innovative solutions and capture the attention of potential customers and partners worldwide. This platform becomes a virtual showcase where we highlight our strengths and capabilities, opening new business opportunities and generating collaborations at a global level.


Competitiveness: a key international boost.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, international digital promotion becomes a growth and success factor for amec urbis companies. Through this platform, our members can share their verified profiles, providing them with relevant content such as social media profiles, company and product information, catalogs, and more. They also have the opportunity to present themselves as case studies within the sector, with ad hoc videos, thus strengthening their position and that of the sector in international markets. Additionally, global visibility offered by digital promotion keeps potential customers worldwide updated on the latest products and technologies.


Collaboration: international alliances’ strategy.

International digital promotion encourages collaboration among amec urbis members, who pool resources to promote the sector internationally. Furthermore, Spanish Solutions for smart cities provides an opportunity to establish strategic contacts, find potential partners, or develop joint projects among our members, other companies in the sector, and the ecosystem in general. This collaboration not only strengthens our companies but also drives the overall growth of the sector, generating more comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the cities of the future.



Prospective: anticipating the future.

International digital promotion offers us a window into the future. It enables amec urbis companies to have a global reach, allowing for precise and segmented analysis of data regarding their international presence and market interests. These advantages help companies identify and enter new markets, better understand consumers, and adapt commercial and marketing strategies, all with the goal of effectively expanding internationally.


Lobbying: global voice and presence.

International digital promotion allows us to amplify our presence and influence, thereby supporting the positive lobbying role we play as amec Positive Industry. By positioning our industry in a prominent place, we can exert global influence, enhance communication with institutions and interest groups, and advocate for the interests of manufacturers of sustainable solutions for smart cities at an international level.



The representative of amec urbis concludes by emphasizing, «International digital promotion through Spanish Solutions for smart cities platform is essential for the urban sustainable solutions sector and the companies that are part of amec urbis. This tool provides us with global visibility, boosts competitiveness, encourages collaboration, allows us to anticipate the future, and gives us a voice worldwide. I am convinced that international digital promotion is a key factor for the growth and success of our companies in this new integrated era, contributing to the construction of smart, sustainable, and prosperous cities for people and the planet.»

Albert Mira

Representative of amec urbis and Spanish Solutions for smart cities






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