Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024: Leading Innovation, Smart Mobility, and Sustainable Solutions in the Traffic and Transport Industry
May 23 24

INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM has established itself as the premier global event that brings together companies and administrations focused on smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management, road safety, and parking solutions. From April 16 to 19, 2024, the vibrant city of Amsterdam hosted this prestigious fair, noted for fostering B2B and B2G commitments not only during the event but throughout the year. This enables innovation, business, and the exchange of solutions and knowledge to address current and future mobility challenges.


With unprecedented attendance, INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2024 attracted nearly 30,000 visitors from 143 countries, a 30% increase compared to the previous edition. International participation reached a historic high of 79%, with 20% of international attendees coming from outside Europe. This event reaffirms its status as the world’s most important gathering for professionals and policymakers in the mobility sector.

Impressive statistics

The 2024 edition of INTERTRAFFIC stood out for its scale and diversity. With over 850 exhibitors from 50 countries, the event offered the opportunity to interact with 6,000 mobility specialists representing technology providers, solutions, and interested organizations. The exhibition space was the largest in the event’s history, allowing for an exhaustive exploration of the latest innovations in the sector.


The INTERTRAFFIC summit program took place in four major theaters, with over 130 sessions and 240 speakers, resulting in around 10,000 conference registrations. These sessions addressed critical sector challenges, including urgent climate issues, road construction and maintenance, and the increasing number of traffic accidents.

INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAN covered 5 main sectors


INFRAESTRUCTURE: Bridge construction, charging systems, smart infrastructure, public lighting, road construction and maintenance, signage and removal of road markings, smart grids, urban furniture, and tunnel technology.


PARKING SOLUTIONS: Automated parking systems, operating systems, parking access control, parking management, parking equipment, parking guidance systems, parking management software, and ticket and payment systems.


ROAD SAFETY: Detection and control systems, emergency systems and equipment, incident management, information and warning systems, road safety accessories, road equipment, and traffic signage and control.


SMART MOBILITY: Automated passenger transport, autonomous and cooperative driving, big data and data analytics, connected vehicle data and services, data platforms, data security, driver assistance systems, drones, green mobility, electric and hybrid vehicles, logistics services, micromobility, mobility as a service, new mobility, personal mobility services, booking systems, ticket sales and payments, shared mobility, truck automation and platooning, and urban delivery.


TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Congestion management, event and incident management, toll and tariff systems, monitoring and control systems, ramp control, simulation, modeling and AI, traffic data collection and analysis, traffic efficiency, and traffic information systems.

Mobility and Technology Trends

One of the most prominent themes was active mobility and the creation of sustainable and livable cities, with an emphasis on ecosystem cooperation, successful MaaS (Mobility as a Service) applications, software interoperability, and data-driven platforms. The proliferation of data, driven by real-time analysis and AI capabilities, was central to many discussions. Traffic management benefited from new technologies to improve traffic flow, intelligent and eco-friendly traffic guidance methods, and sustainable traffic management practices. Artificial intelligence emerged as a crucial component in the transition to smart mobility, influencing all aspects of the industry.

Importance for Spanish Companies

Participation in INTERTRAFFIC 2024 is crucial for companies in the sector. In an era characterized by a greater emphasis on sustainability, AI, data, road safety, and technological advancement, the presence of prestigious Spanish companies such as AIMSUN, AKRA SEÑAL, BENITO URBAN, CAME PARKARE, CIRCONTROL, GIROPES – GIRWIM, LECTOR VISION, MEYPAR, SABACAUCHO, URBIOTICA, and VEGA CHARGERS, among others, at INTERTRAFFIC 2024 underscores Spain’s position as a center of innovation and global collaboration in the traffic and mobility field.


INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM has proven to be an essential event for the mobility industry, and preparations are already underway for its next edition, scheduled from March 10 to 13, 2026. With 75% of the exhibition space already reserved, the fair is expected to continue being a benchmark for promoting intelligent, safe, and sustainable mobility solutions.


In conclusion, INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2024 not only reaffirms its global leadership but also underscores the importance of international cooperation and continuous innovation in developing mobility solutions that benefit everyone.






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