Main innovation
CAME PARKARE's main innovation is the SPK, a zero-kilometer service concept, that is a state-of-the-art innovation in the service concept.
Demand covered or opportunity created
The SPK zero-kilometer service concept consists of the combination of a new hardware design and new software features. The system itself leads the unskilled staff of car parks on how to repair quickly and autonomously., so thaast the skilled staff of Parkare is no longer needed to intervene.
The customer of the Came Parkare SPK is able to repair any breakdown in a few minutes with high benefits for the business continuity and the customer experience. And finally, the SPK products line establishes a new landmark for the conceptual service in the parking industry.
Innovation process
The process lasted almost 2 years. It started listening to the customers. One day CAME PARKARE shared the idea with one of the best in-class European car park operators who, with some disbelief, understood the concept. Then, they got more and more interested and finally followed at CAME PARKARE's side the progress of this extraordinary project
The product will be launched to the market soon, in 2021.




CAME PARKARE is a leading company in the automation, control, management, distribution and subsequent maintenance and updating of systems and equipment for improving urban mobility.

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